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Trading Options with Titan Securities

Welcome to the world of professional trading and investments for additional cash flow income. Our service is designed for individuals who have been thinking about high-return investments, but do not know where to start. We have the solution for your part-time or secondary income stream, and one of the best features of using our service is that you will learn how to do this for yourself, which could be the turning point in your financial life.

A large number of Australian share traders investing on the Stock Market are using Index and Equity Options as a way to increase leverage and to receive regular income premium from writing options, while managing risk to increase their overall potential investment performance.

Our team at Titan Securities develops regular trading recommendations focused around your individual investment needs and situation to work towards your future goals.

Investing on the share market based on general information from website operators who do not care about or consider your individual needs and personal circumstances can be dangerous. Let us develop an on-going trading plan for you. We will execute the trades on your behalf, monitor and keep you informed of the best time to exit the positions for maximum results. We can show you how to write options over your share market investments to generate regular premium income. Instead of being a share market Punter why not become a savvy investor.

We are a team of professional investors and research analysts. Unlike other companies who sell mass produced general advice packages to thousands of people, we focus on true personal advice while building a true business relationship with our investors / traders. We are a fully licensed Australian Financial Services Firm not a Corporate Authorised Representative of another firm as our Managing Director has the extensive share and options market experience to hold a fully government regulated AFS Licence.

Matthew Corica has been trading the share, futures, warrants and options markets for the last 26 years, and has 22 years experience as an adviser. He was the founder of Titan Securities Pty Ltd in 2006, which is a diversified investment firm, and he has owned other companies and businesses during his extensive career. Backed by his 26 years experience in the equities markets he now focuses on trading Blue Chip Shares, Futures and Options.

If we told you that it was possible to make an extra income from your shares would you be interested?

For example, it is possible to receive premium income on XYZ. If you owned or purchased 100 XYZ at $39 per share, then it is possible to write 1 XYZ 41.00 Call Option @ $1.00 (100 shares per 1 Option contract) per share to receive premium income. Think in terms of setting a potential price you would be prepared to sell your shares in the event you were exercised.

If the share price of XYZ is below the strike price of 41.00 at the time of expiry, then you are not required to sell your shares and you keep the $1 premium per share.

If the share price of XYZ is at or above the strike price at expiry, then you are obligated to sell your shares at $41.00 per share, and you keep the $1 premium per share, so effectively you have sold your shares at $42.00 because you have received $41.00 per share + $1 premium.

So you have received a $3 profit from your shares by being exercised or if the share price is below the strike price at expiry, then you have received a $1 per share profit from not being exercised.

Alternatively, what if you were concerned about your shares falling, but did not want to sell?

We can recommend PUT options for your portfolio. We find it mind blowing to see that most advisers never bother to recommend this simple hedging strategy to their clients.

PUT Options basically give the taker / buyer the right but not the obligation to sell the underlying shares at a predetermined price on or before a predetermined date.

What this basically means is if you have 100 XYZ shares and you take / buy XYZ PUT Options, then if the price of XYZ goes down your purchased PUT Options will go up in value. It is similar to insurance against a suspected fall in share market value.

Another dynamic Options strategy is the Credit Spread. For example, the Credit Spread is constructed by writing ZYX 50.00 Put Options @ $0.90 and at the same time taking / buying ZYX 49.00 Put Options @ $0.59 in combination to receive an upfront net credit of $0.31 per share when opening the position. If ZYX stays at or above $50.00 at the time of expiry, then you make the maximum profit of $0.31 per share. Both the profit and risk are limited on this strategy, and it is used when we believe the underlying share price is neutral to bullish. The written PUT option in our example is our cash generator and the bought PUT option is our insurance to limit losses should the stock price fall heavily.

The above examples are only for a quick overview to show you some of our Option strategies, and more detailed discussion and information is given when we develop your trading plan. There are literally dozens of other Option and share trading strategies that we can recommend to you. We conduct extensive in-house research to best determine the future direction of the share price, then we determine the best Options strategy based on that direction. We give you advice on the underlying company shares instead of only showing you how to take or write an Option contract over those shares. We give you full support.

With our extensive help you will literally only spend 30 minutes per month dealing with your share market investments. Options trading should be considered a business that you want to grow and therefore you need an experienced team to help you build that dream. You can get started today with low starting capital requirements, and our very low fixed fee structure means that we do not skim your hard earned trading capital like some other brokers do.

Options trading should be considered part of your portfolio. These strategies can work in harmony with more conservative share market, cash and property market investments. We believe that a reasonable percentage of your portfolio should be focused toward more aggressive investing in the expectation of generating enhanced cash flows.

Become a client today and you will receive full support. You can talk with our experienced team whenever you have a question. Call now to discuss a trading plan that best suit your needs.

For more information or to become a client CALL NOW: 1800 228 600 (free-call).

If you found this information useful, then please tell your friends about our services. Link to: for more information about understanding options trading.

PLEASE NOTE: Trading entails risk of loss.

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