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New Self-Taught Traders Beware

Stock Market Training Courses

People who sell training courses make a ridiculous amount of money. If you want to make big money, then write and sell online courses because you will make more money faster this way. Learning to trade take years of education, experience and practice. The providers of these big dollar training courses find their content from books not experience.

Instead of seminars read every book possible on finance, accountancy, economics, share trading, business and related texts.

Facebook, Twitter and other

Do not look for share tips on Facebook, Twitter or that mining spec forum that everyone talks about. Real traders do not chat on forums looking for free advice. Every person who talks up their positions on these websites will burn through their risk capital and quit trading.

You will not make money trading old news.

CFD providers and 80% (approx.) traders lose their money

The 80% or 90% (approx.) of traders who lose all their money have no experience trading and don’t start with enough risk capital. You will need at least five years experience to be a good trader or find an experienced person to mentor you. Trading is like a profession it takes time to learn.

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