ASX IPO: Tiger Tasman Minerals Ltd (T1G)

Updated: Sep 22

We have a small sought-after allocation in the Tiger Tasman Minerals IPO for our clients and registry contacts.

Obtain secure allocations using the services of Titan Securities Pty Ltd.

If you wish to apply for firm allocation in Tiger Tasman Minerals Limited, please download and read the prospectus today.

Tiger Tasman Minerals Limited Prospectus:


Tiger Tasman Minerals (T1G) is an Australian based minerals exploration and development company focused on identifying, acquiring and developing battery, critical, base and industrial minerals.

T1G has strategically assembled rights to acquire 100% interests in a portfolio of quality projects targeting battery/electrification metals (lithium, copper, nickel, manganese, zinc and silver), precious metals (gold and silver) and industrial minerals (Dense Media Magnetite), in precincts with exceptional exploration and development success.

The Company anticipates the demand for these minerals and metals to be strong as they are essential to the electrification and decarbonisation of a global economy transitioning to EV’s, renewable energy generation and energy storage.


Tiger Tasman Minerals is seeking to raise AUD$5.1 million (@ $0.20 per share) via an IPO on the ASX, with the ability to take a further AUD$2.9 million.


You must tell us (Titan Securities) if you want to reserve firm allocation, or you risk missing out on this offer. We have arranged an allocation for our clients and float registry subscribers from the Directors. There is no cost to you for this service.

For acceptance to Titan's firm allocation list the completed application form (page 338) must be emailed to:

ATTENTION: If you wish to use the online electronic Application Form, then please e-mail your name and request for firm allocation to Titan Securities. If asked for an Advisor Code/Name enter "Titan Securities" or "TITAN" on the Application Form.

Titan Securities Pty Ltd | 1800 228 600 | M: 0417 021 101 | AFSL: 307040 |

NOTE: The Managing Director of Titan Securities Pty Ltd personally holds 1,500,000 shares in Tiger Tasman Minerals Ltd.


The information presented in this correspondence has been supplied in good faith and should not be considered advisory. No responsibility will be taken by Titan Securities Pty Ltd for errors or omissions contained within this correspondence or financial losses as a result of using this information. Securities and derivatives investing can result in losses and is not appropriate for all individuals. Firm allocations are subject to availability of stock, and any such offer should be considered highly speculative and non-advisory.

The investor needs to consider the appropriateness regarding their personal needs, objectives and financial circumstances. In providing this correspondence, Titan Securities Pty Ltd did not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any person. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from users of this information trading or investing in any financial market.

All new floats are SPECULATIVE, and any offer of firm allocation should not be considered advice.

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