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Matthew Corica: Expert in Quantitative Analysis and Computerised Trading Strategies

Matthew Corica, with over 28 years of personal trading experience, is a renowned figure in the finance sector, particularly in the development and implementation of computerised trading strategies. His expertise lies in the ongoing development of these strategies, focusing on utilising advanced analytical methods to generate robust trading entry and exit signals. These strategies undergo meticulous back-testing, ensuring reliability and efficiency across diverse market conditions.

Matthew's proficiency in quantitative analysis (QA) is a key aspect of his success. QA involves using mathematical and statistical modelling to understand financial market behaviour. By analysing a vast array of financial data through these models, Matthew effectively forecasts market trends and identifies lucrative trading opportunities. This approach is distinct from fundamental analysis, which mainly focuses on company management or industry conditions. QA relies on numerical data and complex computations, making it a potent tool in data-rich and computationally advanced modern markets.

A notable aspect of Matthew's work is his emphasis on algorithmic trading. This involves using computer algorithms to automate the trading process, executing trades based on factors like timing, price movements, and market signals. Such an automated approach leads to more efficient and potentially profitable trading strategies. His strategies encompass a broad spectrum of instruments, including shares, options, commodities, and futures.

Matthew's approach to trading and investment advising is underpinned by a deep understanding of risk modelling, derivatives pricing, and portfolio optimisation. These elements are crucial in managing risks and maximising returns in financial markets. His strategies are designed not just for profit generation but also for ensuring that these profits are achieved with a well-measured approach to risk.

Matthew's knowledge and experience in both finance and technology have enabled him to design strategies that are not just theoretically sound but also practically effective. Unlike many algorithmic solutions on the market, his are crafted from the ground up based on real-world trading experience, ensuring they are robust and relevant to market conditions.

In addition to his role at Titan Securities Pty Ltd, where he offers comprehensive advice on derivatives and equities, Matthew's work in quantitative analysis extends beyond just financial advising. His approach demonstrates the power of combining quantitative and qualitative analysis for a more comprehensive view of the financial landscape. By integrating hard data with softer, more subjective factors, he ensures that his strategies are not only data-driven but also adaptable to the nuances of the market.

Matthew's career exemplifies the importance of quantitative analysis in modern finance. It showcases how data, mathematics, and technology can be harnessed to make informed financial decisions, automate processes, and ultimately, generate superior risk-adjusted returns. His work is a prime example of the integration of quantitative analysis with real-world trading acumen, setting a high standard in the field of financial markets and investment strategy.

Company Founder
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Matthew Corica, Investment Analyst

Matthew Corica is the Senior Investment Analyst and Managing Director at Titan Securities Pty Ltd. Titan Securities is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 307040.
Matthew has twenty-five years of professional experience in futures and share market research.

Financial Adviser / Authorised Representative #224472

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